The inconvenient truth about Time Restricted Eating.

Is it OK to Skip your Breakfast? Questioning WHEN you are eating instead of WHAT.

Christophe Berg
3 min readApr 16, 2020

What is Time Restricted Eating?

Time Restricted Eating (T.RE.) is a form of intermittent fasting also known as “16:8” for 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating window. The idea is to ask yourself « when » to eat more than « what » to eat.

Time Restricted Eating — Limit the duration of your eating window

Why are people more likely to skip breakfast?

Dinner is a socially pleasant experience. We know that it is not your willpower but convenience and social acceptance that influence how you will stick to a new habit. So if you have to skip one meal, very likely you will skip the “less social” breakfast. And yes, it is fun to have a festive dinner with friends, but it doesn’t mean that it is what the science on the circadian rhythm is suggesting.

How to Experience Time Restricted Eating?

Stop thinking so much on WHAT to Eat but Focus on WHEN you eat, especially when you start eating and when you stop. Instead of counting calories, simply note hours. It’s very easy to experiment. Try to start by making sure that you’re currently eating within a 12 hours window. From there you can reduce you eating duration from 10 to 08 hours, so that your daily fast will last 14 to 16 hours including your 8-hour sleeping time.

Circadian Rhythm — 24 hours day cycle

What is the Circadian Rhythm?

The idea behind T.R.E. is related to the research on the circadian rhythm (24h solar cycle) and how it affects the body’s metabolism, thermoregulation, hormonal cycles and immune system…

Satchin Panda from the Salk Institute explains that « humans’ circadian rhythm is not designed for a world with 24–7 access to food. If you’re eating all the time, it messes up that pattern. » @SatchinPanda

« Instead of focusing so much on what we eat, we should pay more attention to when we eat »… « We evolved to consume food according to the 24-hour solar cycle.

For humans, this rhythm involves eating during the day and sleeping after sunset. »

You are what you do daily! Lifestyle is What, When & How much you eat, sleep & move daily.

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