Revolution or Evolution with KAIZEN

Is it the time for a radical change? or still a moment to fix smaller issues?

KAIZEN illustrates a soft and smooth approach based on continuous improvement.

A constant evolution and work in progress to solve problems, limit waste and streamline the workflow.

With KAIZEN, you don’t fear problems and issues. They are learning and growing opportunities. It’s a continuous learning mindset by observing, fixing and adjusting as you do.

KAIKAKU illustrates the necessary revolution to change paradigms, innovate and start a new project.

You can not always get results by simply adjusting details, sometimes you have to break out your comfort zone, think outside of the box and accept a new reality.

When previous assumptions, context and models don’t apply anymore, you need to provoke a radical change to adapt to the new reality.

KAIKAKU and KAIZEN are not opposed but related. They simple take place at different moments in time.

First step with KAIKAKU: initiate a dynamic and creative storm to bring a radical change!

Second step with KAIZEN: implement a virtuous cycle of incremental improvement to look at details, solve smaller issues and streamline your workflow. More on KAIZEN.

How-to make a REVolution? if you are not french

  • Dedicate five days for a KAIKAKU SPRINT. Plan each day, block four hours for deep work into two blocks (am / pm)
  • Day 1 and 2: explore, search, read, listen and observe…
  • Day 3 and 4: map-out your vision, imagine, design and develop, experiment…
  • Day 5: finalize, fine-tune and present a solution, your action plan (timeline, backlog)…

After a KAIKAKU SPRINT, adopt the KAIZEN soft power!

  • Plan Time Boxes from 1 to 6 weeks of duration.
  • Define a SMART goal and your Backlog for each cycle, commit to deliver in time.
  • Prepare each Cycle: Plan > Do > Check > Adapt & Repeat
  • Manage your time using Kanban to make sure get things done in time.
  • Keep it simple and start now!

This article is part of a series on Personal Project Management, KAIZEN and KANBAN. You can learn more about these topics by listening or reading and most importantly experimenting and practicing! Have fun.


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