One-On-One Sparring, an Essential Coaching Practice

The Coaching Mindset and Attitude of a Mental Sparring Partner

Sparring? what is it?

One-on-One Coaching / Sparring Session

The Mindset of a Mental Sparring Partner

  • question your assumptions and thinking process
  • summon some of your qualities, strengths and abilities
  • reveal to yourself some of your weaknesses, limitations and fears
  • help to formulate and visualise problems and obstacles
  • train your problem-solving skills
  • bring an awareness of the circumstances and your environment
  • keep you accountable while staying free of conflict of interests
  • provide a direct and constructive feedback
  • train your sense of timing and being present in the moment
  • awake your child-spirit for play, exploration and not taking yourself too seriously
  • joke about your contradictions
  • call out your BS

How to find the right executive coach / sparring partner?

Christophe Berg during the Business Coaching week at Blue Lotus Hua Hin — photo by Ivor Madzar

Why? I do believe that Everyday Heroes deserve a Personal Coach or Mental Sparring partner



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Christophe Berg

Executive Coach for Everyday Heroes | Consultant on Plant-Based projects | Cookbook Author | 🗣🇫🇷🇺🇸🇪🇸