One-On-One Sparring, an Essential Coaching Practice

Sparring? what is it?

Sparring is a common form of training in sports. Both participants train together under the gentleman agreement to practice in a free-form while avoiding injuries. By extension the one-on-one debate at the core of any coaching practice is very similar of a session of sparring.

One-on-One Coaching / Sparring Session

A weekly, one-on-one, deep conversation and active questioning from the coach under the agreement of respect, understanding and strict confidentiality. It’s an intense exchange on a planned topic, that lasts between 1 and 1h30. During this session, the coach is listening, observing, testing and questioning the thinking process of the individual receiving the coaching.

The Mindset of a Mental Sparring Partner

The Coach initiate a series of sparring sessions, a confidential, peer to peer and non judgmental open dialogue to:

  • question your assumptions and thinking process
  • summon some of your qualities, strengths and abilities
  • reveal to yourself some of your weaknesses, limitations and fears
  • help to formulate and visualise problems and obstacles
  • train your problem-solving skills
  • bring an awareness of the circumstances and your environment
  • keep you accountable while staying free of conflict of interests
  • provide a direct and constructive feedback
  • train your sense of timing and being present in the moment
  • awake your child-spirit for play, exploration and not taking yourself too seriously
  • joke about your contradictions
  • call out your BS

How to find the right executive coach / sparring partner?

Check his background, his life journey and his coaching approach. Read, listen and observe to see if it speaks to you. Then schedule an exploratory call before committing to anything to introduce yourself, explain your situation and get a feel of his coaching approach and determine if there is a good fit.

Christophe Berg during the Business Coaching week at Blue Lotus Hua Hin — photo by Ivor Madzar

Why? I do believe that Everyday Heroes deserve a Personal Coach or Mental Sparring partner

I help real-life heroes to unlock their potential, make plans and change their game. Find more about me, Christophe Berg, my background and journey.



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Christophe Berg

Christophe Berg

Executive Coach for Everyday Heroes | Consultant on Plant-Based projects | Cookbook Author | 🗣🇫🇷🇺🇸🇪🇸