Mindful Eating Plan made Easy

Simplify the What to Eat and Become Mindful of the When to Eat.

Christophe Berg
3 min readApr 30, 2020

🌱 Simplify the WHAT

  • Keep it simple.
  • Look for Colors 🌈 in Plants (phytonutrients, fibers, anti-oxydants).
  • Go for Quality (local, seasonal & fresh) and Nutrient Density (vitamins, minerals) with Whole Plant Foods.
  • Cook from Scratch.
  • When in Doubt Eat more Plants!⁣

🌱 Become Mindful of the WHEN

  • Eat preferably during the day.
  • Experiment a 10-hour eating window, from sunrise to sunset.⁣
  • Fast while your sleep and just extend the fasting time before you sleep and after.

Read more on Time Restricted Eating.

Power Bowl

Synchronise your activities with the Circadian Rhythm, the 24 hours cycle.

  • Be Active, Eat during day time
  • Rest, Recover and Sleep during nighttime.

🌱 Don’t worry so much on the HOW-MUCH

  • Forget to counting calories and ratios of macronutrients (carbs, proteins or lipids).
  • Focus on what’s essential not what you can measure.
  • Eat slowly, Enjoy your meal and simply avoid over-eating.
Asian inspired Power Bowl

🌱 Focus on your recovery

  • Being physically active generates stress, micro-damages and physical fatigue. Ouch…!⁣
  • When you rest or sleep, you start the recovery process. Your body gets time to repair, regenerate and adapt.⁣
  • Train, Rest, Recover and Repeat. This process allows you to train better.⁣

🌱 It is not a diet, it’s lifestyle

  • You are what you DO daily, including what/when and how much you sleep, eat and move.
  • Each day is a new life. Enjoy it. Make the best out of it.
  • Adaptation happens when you Rest. Quality Sleep is the number one priority in Self-Care.

🌱a Super-Myth Buster

  • You don’t become Superman by eating “Superfoods” or Supplements.
  • Yes, whole plant food can boost your recovery. BUT plant foods are not performance enhancers (unlike E.P.O.). Despite being called «Superfoods» or super powders, spirulina or chlorella will not transform you into Wonder Woman or Spiderman…
Asian inspired Power Bowl
Vegan PowerBowl



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