Mind Mapping for Communicating Ideas

Map ideas to organize thoughts and then communicate a vision

What is Mind Mapping?

Mind Map — Mapping words to connect ideas

Mind Mapping to Communicate

Mind Map on Polymath used to record a Podcast

Keep it Simple

How-to Draw a Mind Map?

Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping Process

  • Start with One central Word: Name the core idea that you are looking to explore. Write this word at the center of your page. Underline or circle that name. Start to think what it triggers.
  • Expand from the Center: Link ideas, key words and thoughts around the core idea. Add without overthinking. Don’t Edit yet. Get messy.
  • Go with the Flow: Branch ideas from each key word. Develop thoughts.
  • Take a Break: go for a walk, sleep over your first draft. Your brain will now takeover and start a process of organizing the information, clarifying your thoughts and reinforcing key relations between words.
  • Connect, Simplify and Make Sense: It’s now time to edit and organize your ideas in a clear and visual form. Associate ideas in a meaningful way. Tell a story. Cut any redundancy. Cut everything that’s not strictly relevant. Keep what’s essential. Don’t hesitate to use colors to highlight certain ideas, to differentiate concepts. You can also draw symbols if they are more meaningful to you than words.
Mind Mapping Process

What do I like about Mind Mapping?



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