How-to Set your Price?

Develop a economically viable activity as a Freelance Creative or an Independent knowledge Worker

Where to start? How much costs your time?

Step One: How Much do you Spend?

Know your Monthly Expenses

Step Two: How much it costs you to Work?

Know the “Price” for Working autonomously

Step Three: Evaluating your Minimal Monthly Burning Rate

Evaluate Your Monthly Burning Rate

Step Four: How much can you Work?

How many hours can you work per day, week, month and year?

Step 6: What is your Minimal Viability Number?

  • John’s Minimal Viability = Yearly Burning Rate / Months working = 22 K€ / 11 = 2000 € / month.
  • John’s Minimal Hourly Rate = Monthly Viability / Monthly Working Hours = 2000 € / 80 = 25 to 30 € per hour.
How Much is your Economic Viability?

Don’t compromise your viability and personal sustainability

Develop a Sustainable Activity

Keep only the good ones!

Bill per Project Phase not Hourly

Work on Project, get paid by phases…


How Much is Enough for You?
  • Level 2: “Safety Net” is when you reach 3 months or 25% of your Minimal Viability in savings. John Smith knows it, by multiplying three times his Minimal Viability (2000 X3 = 6000€).
  • Level 3: “Visibility” when you have 6 months or 50% in savings. That’s a great achievement and it puts you in a safe and stress-free position. For John, it is a whooping 12K (2000 X6).
  • Level 4: “Thriving Number” 9 months or 75% in savings. Clearly you can take time for you and/or a dreamed project, you will comeback stronger and better after even a break. John dreams about his magic number of 16K€ (2000 X8).
Gone Surfing, Be Back Soon — John Smith



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