Early Time Restricted Eating (or Intermittent Fasting) put to the test.

What is Time Restricted Eating?

It simply means eating daily within a time limited window usually from 8 to 12 hours. You question your eating habits not looking at WHAT you are eating, but WHEN your are eating. I covered this approach in details in two previous articles: “What did I learn from two years of practicing Time Restricted Eating?” and “The inconvenient truth about Time Restricted Eating”.

For this experiment, I go one step further by skipping a meal to simplify it and more specifically to avoid having to count hours during your eating window . …

Share Your Magic, Tell Your Story and Send Your Message

Tell Your Story

People don’t know you “yet”. Introduce yourself: Who are you? Where are you coming from? Why did you start this project? How are you planning to do it?

Connect dots of your journey to make it understandable and remarkable for your audience. Everything that is relevant, but only what is truly relevant from your experience, life trajectory, learning journey and without omitting some of your setbacks and previous failures.

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Send Your Message

How can I help? What / When / Where You can help and Who you plan to help. Share your diagnostic and identify the problem you see. Send a positive and constructive message which clarifies the solution that you are planning to offer. Keep it simple and pragmatic. …

Focus on Outcomes. Not Hours. Care about your Work.

Where to Start?

A first principle for pricing is to prevent from working at loss. In order to avoid this, you need to figure out what are your usual expenses, how much it costs you to work and evaluating how much you can work to finally deduct what is your minimal viability. These key elements are covered in deep in a previous article on “How-to Set your Price?”.

What is an Independent Worker?

An independent organize his work, allocate resources and manage risks autonomously in order to deliver a solution in time.

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Dream with a Plan. Develop with Constraints. Set Simple Rules.

The Project Operating System is a set of simple rules to be formulated in a concise way. These simple rules consist of constraints and guiding principles to operate with, to facilitate the decision making process, to simplify the key processes and to guide the project development.

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Dream with a Plan. Resources. Constraints

Type of Simple Rules:

  • How-to: project governance, dependencies, partners, crew. How are some key processes executed? (like developing a new service).
  • Scoping: which opportunity to pursue? Which not. What to do? Why? What is your main activity and what is out of your scope of action?
  • Priorities: selection process, ranking. between two opportunities, which one to prioritize? …

A personal manifesto is a letter to yourself, a reminder and a call to live under your terms.

For some reason, people tend to struggle to draft their manifesto. Maybe it is the word “manifesto”. Maybe it reveals a lack of self-knowledge. Maybe it has to do with the fear to discover your true personality. Writing down your manifesto should not impress you this much. It is simply an exercise to get to know yourself better. It is not your official bio. It is a work-in-progress, that you can edit anytime.

Start by figuring out who you are (using games, tests, visualization). Then question who you think you are. Finally draft your own adventure book, who you want to become. …

You may have notice the recent emergence of articles, debates about remote work. The recent 2-month lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak forced a large number of workers all over the world to try working from their home. For some, it was a first experience of remote working. For companies after a long denial, it was a proof of concept that “remote work” can actually work well. As people are asking if remote work could be the future of work, let’s explore the practical side of it.

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62% of employed Americans worked from home during the lockdown. 3 out of 5 reported that they would prefer to continue working for home. …

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Knowing how-to learn is useful in any context. It is like knowing how-to write, communicate and sell or knowing how-to manage your time and attention. As soon as you master a meta-skill like learning, the effects are long-term in terms of independence, adaptation and evolution.

No talent required… it is like a muscle, it gets better by practice and repetition.

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Keep your student mindset alive, don’t assume you know, keep searching, exploring and learning. Learning is a lifelong journey. Don’t assume that what worked in the past will keep working. Learn to face your contradictions, question your believes and assumptions.

You will find new ways to solve recurring issues by creative innovation. …

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🌱 Simplify the WHAT

Keep it simple.

Look for Colors 🌈 in Plants (phytonutrients, fibers, anti-oxydants).

Go for Quality (local, seasonal & fresh) and Nutrient Density (vitamins, minerals) with Whole Plant Foods.

Cook from Scratch.

When in Doubt Eat more Plants!⁣

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Is it the time for a radical change? or still a moment to fix smaller issues?

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KAIZEN illustrates a soft and smooth approach based on continuous improvement.

A constant evolution and work in progress to solve problems, limit waste and streamline the workflow.

With KAIZEN, you don’t fear problems and issues. They are learning and growing opportunities. It’s a continuous learning mindset by observing, fixing and adjusting as you do.

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KAIKAKU illustrates the necessary revolution to change paradigms, innovate and start a new project.

You can not always get results by simply adjusting details, sometimes you have to break out your comfort zone, think outside of the box and accept a new reality. …

Is it OK to Skip your Breakfast? Questioning WHEN you are eating instead of WHAT.

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Why are people more likely to skip breakfast?

Dinner is a socially pleasant experience. We know that it is not your willpower but convenience and social acceptance that influence how you will stick to a new habit. So if you have to skip one meal, very likely you will skip the “less social” breakfast. And yes, it is fun to have a festive dinner with friends, but it doesn’t mean that it is what the science on the circadian rhythm is suggesting.

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What is Time Restricted Eating?

Time Restricted Eating (T.RE.) is a form of intermittent fasting also known as “16:8” for 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating window. The idea is to ask yourself « when » to eat more than « what » to eat. …


Christophe Berg

Author, educator & coach. Plant-based 🌱 since 2005

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